Yaskawa single robot arm waterjet cutting machine for Canada

Customer case: Cutting Car interior
company name: Canada car interior manufacturer
solution: Yaskawa pedestal type single robot arm water jet cutting station

In recent years, more customers prefer Yaskawa robot arm to be applied to robot waterjet cutting. The feartures of Yaskawa is: Fast, flexible and reliable
• Ideal for a variety of applications, multi-purpose robot
• Robot with sleek design that requires minimal installation space

Customer’s need:

This time, we have cooperated with Canada company. This is an automobile interior trim manufacturer. Their budget is very small, because they are a start-up company, but they need to ensure the processing accuracy and product quality, and improve the cutting speed at the same time.

Yaskawa robot waterjet

Our solution:

According to customer’s need,we adopt a YASKAWA robot arm. The advantage of YASKAWA MH50 is that Powerful, high-speed robots with long/extended reaches offer superior performance in coating, dispensing, material cutting and handling applications. Wide work envelopes with small interference zones, allow robots to be placed close to workpieces/equipment which reduces required floorspace.

We also adopt two work station which can load more material in the same time. When the robot arm finish one side you can  cut another side directly. So this structure can reduce the cutting time and work very efficiently. The use of SL-VI 100HP intensifier pump can also enhance the working effectiveness.



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