ODM high Pressure Robot Waterjet

Win Win waterjet supports aerospace industry

7-axis robot system / 3D water cutting / High pressure water cleaning / Customized equipment / High hardness metal cutting / Workpiece and robot linked cutting / Clean metal surface coating / Totally closed system

Waterjet cutting finds several applications in the aerospace industry. It is used to cut composite materials like carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP) for aircraft structures and components. Waterjet cutting is also employed to produce gaskets and seals for aerospace applications, ensuring proper sealing of components and systems. Additionally, it is utilized in fabricating interior components such as seat cushions, carpeting, and insulation. In some cases, waterjet cutting is used for engine components, although specific applications may vary. Overall, waterjet cutting provides precise cutting capabilities for various materials used in aerospace, contributing to efficient manufacturing processes and high-quality components.

7 Axis HP robot waterjet system

A high-pressure water jet system, also known as a water jet cutter, is a tool that uses a high-pressure stream of water to cut through various materials. It is commonly used in industrial applications for cutting, cleaning, and surface preparation.

High-pressure water jet robot cutting applications involve the use of robotic systems equipped with high-pressure water jet cutting tools. These systems are used in industrial settings to cut a wide range of materials with precision and efficiency. The robots are programmed to follow specific cutting paths, allowing them to handle complex shapes and intricate patterns.

SL-VI 100HP Large flow servo Intensifier pump

Our SCREAMLINE SL-VI 100HP standard and servo system ultra-high pressure pumps represent the new quality standard of WIN-WIN waterjet system. The newly designed end bell hard seal (HSEC) pressure intensifier determines the trend of the waterjet industry.

SCREAMLINE SL-VI 100HP standard type and servo type can help you provide ultra-high pressure for pure water and abrasive cutting applications, no matter how your system is designed: the standard type and servo type of SCREAMLINE SL-VI 100 HP can be installed and operated independently, or can be operated remotely through any central control system.

Large flow

7.6L/min water flow pump can supply multiple cutting heads at the same time, can cut metal with a thickness of more than 200mm.

servo motor

Servo motor is used to save energy and electricity, operate quietly, stabilize pressure and prolong the service life of intensifier pump.

Maintenance free design

The metal hard seal structure is adopted, and the rubber seal is removed, which can be used for a long time. The accumulator adopts an integral structure, which is truly maintenance free.

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Pump with servo motor

1.Supply multiple cutting heads
2.Low noise
3.Pressure stability
4.Prolong the life of high pressure parts
5.Energy saving 20%
6.large-capacity accumulator
7.The automatic protection system




Waterjet servo motor intensifier pump


SL-VI (100HP)

Working ambience


Driving mode

Servo motor


Robot waterjet cutting system



Rated power


Capacity of attenuator


Max work pressure


Maximum water flow rate


Number of orifices


Oil tank volume