Ground loading structure waterjet cutting machine

WIN-WIN cantilever waterjet working platform is integrally processed by a large 3-axis CNC machining center. Both X-axis and Y-axis girder adopt the double-layer dustproof and waterproof structure and are driven by high-quality ball screw guide rails and bus CNC system.

It ensures that the control accuracy and cutting accuracy of the waterjet can be better than peer products. This type of water jet can be equipped with a countertop flipper.


3A-4020 Water Jet


Cantilever Type

Cutting Precision


Control Accurcy


RE-Positioning Accuracy


Travel Of Z Axis


Cutting Speed



30kw / 40HP

Table Size




WIN-WIN Ultra High Pressure 90,000psi Pump

Our 90,000psi standard and servo system ultra-high pressure pumps represent the new quality standard of WIN-WIN waterjet system. The newly designed end bell hard seal (HSEC) pressure intensifier determines the trend of the waterjet industry.

SCREAMLINE PRO standard type and servo type can help you provide ultra-high pressure for pure water and abrasive cutting applications, no matter how your system is designed: the standard type and servo type of SCREAMLINE PRO can be installed and operated independently, or can be operated remotely through any central control system.

1.UHP intensifier pump to achieve ultra-thick material cutting

2.Up to 300mm metal thickness

3.Efficient cutting, saving 40% of time

Cutting with win-Win's abrasive garnet

Waterjet abrasive garnet is widely used in abrasive waterjet cutting machines. The abrasive garnet by WIN-WIN is high-end which can increase the cutting speed. And in the same time, it can cut thick materials by using 80 mesh garnet.  The abrasive garnet  is added in the application of water jet, the section is smooth, the accuracy is also improved, and there is no limit on the thickness of the plate. 

Advantages & Features

Ground loading platform

The cutting table adapts latest loading design, the  max load-bearing is 1000 kg, hydraulic lifting and some other designs can meet the requirement of marble cutting. The situation many personnel are needed for loading material is changed, nowadays only 1 person is needed for the whole loading process. This design improves the processing efficiency and facilitates the placement and unloading of large parts

Cantilever structure

Cantilever structure can complete the cutting of any complex plane curve. Users can load and unload parts from three directions, overcoming the shortcomings of narrow loading and unloading space of gantry machine. Servo drive, equipped with large slider of coarse lead screw and linear guide rail, can realize clearance free movement, ensure stable operation and stable transmission.

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