Fanuc Ceiling type Triple Robot Rotary waterjet workstation


Fanuc Ceiling Triple Robot


1: Rotary Working Station

2: Fanuc M-20iA robot arms

3: Equipped with SL-VI 100HP large-flow rate intensifier pump

4: High-performance industrial chiller, the whole set of equipment can works well in hot areas

5: The powerful vacuum adsorption system keeps the cutting parts firmly fixed on the cutting table

6: Water purification system, which can prolong the service life of orifice

7: Safety protection system to detect personnel in the work area and protect personnel safety

8: General control system

Win-Win equips excellent security system and protection system for the workstation. When someone or something get through the alarming line, it will force the robot to stop, in order to ensure the security of workers and system. It is a ceilling type triple robot arm waterjet cutting solution. This robot water jet cutting adopts ceiling type frame structure, not closed structure, because it adopts rotating platform, which has better processing performance and higher processing efficiency. The advantage of the two station rotating platform is that you can process on one side and load or unload the workpiece on the other. The two-way workflow greatly reduces the downtime. The traditional fixed platform cannot rotate, and it needs to stop working when loading or unloading parts, which greatly increases the cost of time. 

What sould you know

Please consult us. We have a water jet cutting project team with 20 years of experience and can answer your questions. Our purpose is to serve customers and create value for customers.

Please consult us, we have a 20-year waterjet project team that can answer your questions. Our aim is to serve customers and create value for customers.

Win-Win company designs the robot water jet cutting equipment into modules, and the connection of each module is very simple. The whole set of equipment will be cut and tested in our company. When everything meets the requirements, it will be delivered. At the same time, winwin company has local offices in many countries, which can carry out installation and after-sales service. Please contact us for more inquiries.

Robotic waterjet cutting equipment can cut automotive interior parts, such as car carpets, car ceilings, etc. can also cut parts of other materials, such as rubber, ceramic tiles, metal, glass, etc., it can be said to be universal waterjet cutting

How much is a set of robot water jet cutting equipment? Under normal circumstances, the normal water jet cutting is generally between $30000 and $60000. Of course, different sizes and configurations will ultimately affect the price. Under normal circumstances, the robot water jet cutting equipment is between $100000 and $200000, and the configuration and function will also affect the price.

Winwin company provides robot water jet cutting equipment, abrasive water jet cutting equipment, 2D / 3D customized water jet cutting equipment, and also provides accessories services for various brands of equipment in the market.

core configuration

Introduction to robot arm

The robot arm can be selected according to the customer’s needs, probably according to the following conditions:

The customer’s robot is the first choice. When designing the robot water jet cutting project, you can choose the robot you are familiar with as the actuator. There are no restrictions on the brand of the robot. When selecting the model and quantity of the robot water cutting, you should choose FANUC M-20ia / Yaskawa GP25 / ABB 1600 / 2400 / 2600, abb 4600j and above for sitting, Yaskawa GP20 and above, FANUC m-710ic and above, please consult us for specific models.

SL-VI 100HP pump

Choosing a high-performance intensifier pump is the key to improve efficiency, and stability is also a major factor that customers need to consider. There are many types of intensifier pump. Win-Win recommends that SL-VI 100HP pump be considered and equipped with a servo motor. This intensifier pump can drive six cutting heads to work at the same time. It is equipped with a servo motor, with small pressure fluctuation and stable cutting products. Compared with ordinary motors of the same level, it can save 25% of electricity. It is very consistent with the environmental protection and energy saving policies. You can contact us for more parameters and videos. Online and local inspection factories are supported.

Other Waterjet Pumps

SL-VI 50HP pump with servo motor

WW60JET pump

WW JET50 international pump