Cantilever type waterjet cutting machine

WIN-WIN cantilever waterjet working platform is integrally processed by a large five-axis gantry CNC machining center. Both X-axis and Y-axis girder adopt the double-layer dustproof and waterproof structure and are driven by high-quality ball screw guide rails and bus CNC system.

It ensures that the control accuracy and cutting accuracy of the waterjet can be better than peer products. This type of water jet can be equipped with a countertop flipper.

AC-4020 Water Jet
Cantilever Type
Cutting Angle
0-±68 Degrees
Control Accurcy
Table Size
Travel Of Z Axis
Cutting Precision
RE-Positioning Accuracy
Cutting Speed
30kw / 40HP
After-sales Service
Installation Online Service
MAX.Cutting Range
Stainless steel

Advantages & Features

Flipping platform

Water jet cutting flipping platform, including water tank, hydraulic cylinder, turnover mechanism and turnover platform The overturning mechanism is composed of a rotating rod base, a top rod, a connecting rod of the overturning platform and a rotating rod.This design improves the processing efficiency and facilitates the placement and unloading of large parts

Cantilever structure

Cantilever structure can complete the cutting of any complex plane curve. Users can load and unload parts from three directions, overcoming the shortcomings of narrow loading and unloading space of gantry machine. Servo drive, equipped with large slider of coarse lead screw and linear guide rail, can realize clearance free movement, ensure stable operation and stable transmission.

AC 5 Axis Cutting Head

AC cutting head is equipped with high quality hardware, swing Angle can reach ±68°, equipped with Weihong system and servo motor, high precision, accurate calculation, with altimetry system, first choice waterjet equipment for cutting large Angle parts.

JET50 pump

JET 50 High-pressure pump is a low-cost, high-efficiency new choice of waterjet cutting applications. Under the pressure of 60,000psi The compact pump design makes it easy to replace seals and to provide up to 60,000psi high-pressure cutting at any location needed.

Cutting with win-Win's abrasive garnet

Waterjet abrasive garnet is widely used in abrasive waterjet cutting machines. The abrasive garnet by WIN-WIN is high-end which can increase the cutting speed. And in the same time, it can cut thick materials by using 80 mesh garnet.  The abrasive garnet  is added in the application of water jet, the section is smooth, the accuracy is also improved, and there is no limit on the thickness of the plate. 

Cutting samples as demonstration

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