Abrasive Robot Water Jet Cutting for Cutting Helmet

Customer case: Cutting helmet
company name: Brazilian sports equipment company
solution: Ceilling type single robot arm water jet station

Recently, Win-Win Waterjet Co., Ltd has cooperated with customers of Brazilian helmet manufacturer to provide them with a dedicated abrasive water jet cutting robot workstation for helmet. During this period, the customer communicated with us many times to discuss the specific features and performance of the workstation structure design. There are some problems worthy of our attention. Here we sort it out:

Our solution:

Why We Use Ceiling Type Robot Not the Pedestal Type robot ?

The Pedestal Type robot is easy to damage the robot itself under the garnets and waterjet cutting work. The robotic waterjet can perform 360° surround cutting. The cutting head path covers the robot base and the robot body. The strong cutting ability and abrasive solidity of this water jet system will make this working method extremely dangerous.
Ceiling type robots avoid this danger. By hanging the robot frame and body on the roof of the workstation, the abrasive water jet cannot reach them. This not only saves the floor space, but also effectively avoids damage to the devices.

So in this case we deploy ceilling type robot waterjet cutting to meet our customer’s demand. This structure can occupy small space and also avoid danger of workers.

Meet customer’s  need:

We choose abrasive cutting head to cut helmet or hemispherical parts.

Answer: When the helmet or hemispherical part is cut by the abrasive water jet, it is usually cut from the inside to the outside of the part. This requires the cutting head to be short and sturdy, so that it has enough space for movement inside and supports 360° rotation. Cutting. Win-Win uses a special abrasive water jet cutting head assembly that can rotate freely even inside the helmet, perfect for cutting from the inside to the outside.

Abrasive robot waterjet cutting helmet

For more information, you can add WhatsApp +86-18840677446 to contact Mr. Max Duan (Project Manager of Win-Win Waterjet Co., Ltd).



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