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Expert in robot waterjet solution

As an upstream equipment supplier for automotive interior manufacturers, Win-Win Waterjet Co., Ltd has been focusing on providing customers with the best robot waterjet cutting solutions for 20 years. We have the most professional sales, design, manufacturing, and maintenance teams in China to serve global automotive interior manufacturers and robot waterjet cutting users. Up to now, we have more than 20 invention patents and more than 100 waterjet robot workstations in over 40 countries around the world.

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—— Choose Win-Win & benifit your business ——

Win-Win devote ourselves to help our customers achieve the value of equipment, reasonable solution will make our customer save cost, and create higher value.

Win-Win Waterjet Co., Ltd is the famous robot waterjet cutting integrator in China, contact us for visiting our Waterjet Robotic workstations various regions.

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Recently, Win-Win Waterjet Co., Ltd has cooperated with customers of Brazilian helmet manufacturer to provide them with a dedicated abrasive water jet cutting robot workstation for helmet. 

We also adopt two work station which can load more material in the same time. When the robot arm finish one side you can  cut another side directly. So this structure can reduce the cutting time and work very efficiently. The use of SL-VI 50HP intensifier pump can also enhance the working effectiveness.

Fanuc robot water jet cutting system has emergency stop while operating the car floor carpets with high speed movement. Win-Win equips excellent security system and protection system for the workstation. When someone or something get through the alarming line, it will force the robot to stop, in order to ensure the security of workers and system.

—— We are experts in satisfying your waterjet needs ——

Customized Robotic Waterjet Cutting Solution -Fully protection ceiling robotic abrasive waterjet cutting system, designed for high efficiency helmet cutting production line.

Engineer on-site teaching, detailed tutorial, modular design of equipment, simple operation, easy to learn and understand, independent operation of equipment in 3 days

The workstation is ODM high pressure waterejt cleaning system for Aerospace, high-speed rail, shipbuilding and other industries

The design of each waterjet cutting equipment will consider loading, unloading, installation and other matters. It will be discharged and fixed according to the size of the container. Support points will be designed for loading and unloading, and modular design will be adopted to achieve simple unloading, placement and installation.

Customer Factory Inspection

You are welcome to visit win-win company, we will carry out experimental cutting on site, so that you can better understand win-win company and waterjet products, and we can make reasonable design according to your requirements. At present, we have launched remote connection factory inspection and 3D VR factory inspection and other technologies, choosing our products with more confidence.

Win-Win company has R&D department, production department, assembling department, after-sales department, sales department, etc. The company headquarters has more than 50 people, covering an area of 3000 square meters. Win-Win company has branches in many countries, responsible for local sales and installation and commissioning services. Welcome to consult if any interest of waterjet.

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